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What’s The Only Constant In Everyone’s Diet?!

November 29, 2011


Cravings, Can wreak havoc on your DIET!! This is what I have been lately craving for! Damn it!! Randomness!!       Advertisements

Bet You Have Heard This Bullshit Before!!

November 28, 2011


bullshit exists whether you like it or not!! And somehow most meat-heads/sports enthusiasts sound pretty convincing repeating the same nonsense over and over again..  but not in my watch!! Not when am 100 % awake in my random mind. BS. Number 1: High Reps, Makes One Ripped! High Reps might increase muscular endurance, but I […]

Awesome Mornings Are Back Again!!

November 25, 2011


So yesterday I went out and bought a true mountain bike, with all the needed equipments/specs I was looking for: disc brakes, 100mm suspension fork, aggressive tires, awesome lockout suspension, amazing hydraulic disc brakes!! Honestly I don’t think I would go wrong with this 10 speed mountain bike!! So this  new bike is my first […]

Life Style Update!!

November 22, 2011


Goodness!! the last few weeks of my life have been absolutely insane!! Juggling between having to have fun for 27 hours in any given day, while trying hard to keep my energy levels up from transitioning into a different time zone, not caring much about my own health!! I have to say that I didn’t […]

Table Tops, Conquered!!

November 17, 2011


You know what the greatest thing about a vacation is? There’s always an excuse to sabotage ones diet every time a good burger, a slice of pizza, a big chunk of cake, or a good shake come along. My wonderful and hilarious friends Hamad and Osama  just taught me that there’s more into life than […]