Table Tops, Conquered!!

Posted on November 17, 2011


You know what the greatest thing about a vacation is? There’s always an excuse to sabotage ones diet every time a good burger, a slice of pizza, a big chunk of cake, or a good shake come along.
My wonderful and hilarious friends Hamad and Osama  just taught me that there’s more into life than eating healthy, and watching every god damned figure going into ones meal!! So they focused in their own ways to be smarter this year than the last!! So they did a good job in my opinion letting me explore more variety in restaurants and in every supermarket aisle.
My new favorite thing is my undiscovered healthy appetite for good food. The catalysts “Hamad & Osama” put a great effort into helping me to learn how to enjoy life, kick aside some of my OCD I’ve been carrying around.
Oh well, YOURS TRULY had the will but also the fear of course; with the weight to gain, muscle to lose, guilt to undergo!! Excessive amounts of good food as a self-esteem buster. And I got to admit that all the food I’ve ingested, I didn’t feel like was wrongdoing at all, the whole purpose of guilt is to stop a certain behavior right?! Well, whatever I’ve done there, it surely didn’t feel wrong to me.
Wondering about what I’ve been downing right?!

Fried Chix & Waffles, with Maple Buffalo Syrup

Irish steel cut oats, buttermilk pancakes!!

Sloppy "Juan" burger - Slow cooked beef ribs!!

Long horn bun "burger and brisket"

Five Guys Burger!!

Strawberry Cheesecake!! GOODNESS!!

Pumpkin Cheesecake!!

The Birthday Cake Shake!!

The Apple Pie Shake

Peanut butter Frozen Yogurt with Peanut Butter Crunch & Jelly!!