When Is Your Go Time?!

Posted on December 15, 2011


Bloody time is something that we all share!! And whether you like it or not, we are all given the right amount of time!!
But unfortunately, getting oneself psyched up to take advantage of any given time isn’t a piece of cake!! This might be a the reason, why most of the people fail by just thinking of doing that!!

For example, I never get bored seeing people trying, and trying, to fail miserably by doing what someone else is doing with any given amount of time!! Honey!! Life is so FUCKIN short to try living someone else’s life!!

He says: “He lost weight in 3 months!! and got jacked, ripped, and ridiculously handsome!! in 3 months!!”

Oh well, I can point out so many wrong construction ideas in the line written above!!

1)People Differ! Greatly!!

2) Goals?!

3) He, Isn’t You!!

4) What about training?!

5) Nutrition Plan?!

6) Genetics?!

7)Variables in one’s life!!

One should know what works best for him!! If one tend to do better thinking positive!! then he should!! and if one is more into the negative side of thinking (like myself)  letting my anger build up until I am fully ready to release it on a given situation! Which I constantly would! And has worked well for me!! I can never stay content until I am ready!!

Most important thing is that one need to know that:

When It’s Go Time?! It’s Go Time!