On a Mission – Day “One”

Posted on February 15, 2012


I got up at 8 am today, thrilled to kick-start my new program and kick that sucker “in my past” off with vengeance!! Had my normal working day, attended the most boring seminar ever in my life!! Then headed to the gym at 2 pm and had a very fruitful chest and back workout!! the workout was done in a very high volume fashion, with minimal rest periods with a great emphasis on heavy compound movements!! I sure felt a little lethargic and was heavily nauseated by the kick-ass workout!!

Bunny Can't Handle It!

My Workout

  • Bench presses – for 5 sets
  • Pull-ups – for 5 set
  • Incline hammer machine press – for 3 sets
  • Seated wide grip cable rows – for 3 sets
  •  Chest crossovers – for 3 sets
  • Hammer machine lat pullovers – for 3 sets
  • Hanging leg raises – 5 sets
  • Heavy Cable crunches – 3 sets

Really happy that I’m getting into my groove now, Thought I’d be bouncing off the walls with energy like I always have, but boy am I wrong this time.