Excuse me! But you’d need to buy a new shirt!! Because it’s summer time!! (Ladies Self Love Edition)

Posted on March 17, 2012



I admit, that I was a bit stuck for an idea when I sat down to write this post.
Yes, I’m working on the “lack of theoretical thinking in the construction of the female body transformation ‘practice’ in the gulf region” -big words huh- which will reflect a deep theory of my personal opinion, and soon I will be having enough evidences to show that it is theoretically impossible to enjoy the idea of living in a whole life based on a big fat fantasy. Your body fat for instance melting down non-intentionally, and, more importantly, You’d still have your cake and eat it too. But both of those need a bit more work, so I am still stuck.

Then I had an idea. Why not take the previous post entry –Which I poured my heart out, and people seemed to like the idea of the slimming power such a diet might have on any given situation!! Some people stood tall and raised a finger and disagreed, but come on!! bullshit exists whether I like it or not!! And somehow most meat-heads/sports enthusiasts sound pretty convincing repeating the same nonsense over and over again..  but not in my watch!! Not when am 100 % awake in my random mind!!, alter it very slightly, remove all the references to males, and then post that in? Brilliant! But I soon realized that you might notice, and then I wouldn’t count as credible as many people seem to think lately, and I’d be out of my game. Quite right too.

Oh well, let’s face it!! I’m not the most scientific guy you would ever meet!! nor the most informative!! But I try to stay in touch with the latest scientific methods and strength/muscle of whatever you want to call it!! I look for answers in correlation to real life time situation!! PERIOOOOOOD. Lately I decided to be one hell of a guy, where I post something terrific in my dictionary at least, and no one would really benefit from it!! Oh well, we’re living in a world where everything happens but nothing gets done.

Jordin Sparks!! Motivation/jealousy maybe?!

Example: She says: “She lost weight in 3 months!! and got jacked, ripped, and ridiculously handsome!! in 3 months!!”

Oh well, I can point out so many wrong construction ideas in the line written above!!

1)People Differ! Greatly!!
2) Goals?!
3) She Isn’t You!!
4) What about training?!
5) Nutrition Plan?!
6) Genetics?!
7)Variables in one’s life!!

One should know what works best for her!! If one tend to do better thinking positive!! then he should!! and if one is more into the negative side of thinking (like myself)  letting my anger build up until I am fully ready to release it on a given situation! Which I constantly would! And has worked well for me!! I can never stay content until I am ready!!
Most important thing is that one need to know that:

When is your Go Time?!

Better be soon!! It’s summer time!!

Program Attributes:

Time Frame: 28 days. (Little days that can make huge difference!)

  • First things first, you need to get yourself 100% committed to your training schedule, as diet will be tailored according the preset sequence of each exercise, therefore carbs will be manipulated to match training intensity!! For example: higher volume of work (traditional weight lifting/cardio training), then starch intake may need to be higher = Protein:Carb ratio of 1:1 to 1:3.
  • 28 days is not sufficient time to tone muscle that you don’t have, but it’s quite enough to drop down few digits of your body fat percentage which would really be beneficial for the overall LOOK!! Losing fat makes any woman look a tad prettier I asume.
  • I would assume that girls following this program are “healthy/normal individuals” with a full time job, midday exercise session and like to pig out on the weekends!!
  • I would assume that girls following this program have already been training for more than half a year at least.


  • Protein-sparing modified fasting!!
  • 1 Protein and Carb small meal with the ratio of 1:1 Midday.
  • 500-600 calories worth of Protein and Carb with the ratio of 1:2,  preferably right after workout!!
  • 1 last shake/any source of Casein Protein for the sole evening meal.

Day 1 through 6

07:00 AM – Take 1 cap 500 mgs L-Carnitine, 1 cap Green Tea

08:00 AM  – Black coffee (if needed)

11:00 AM   – Black coffee (if needed)

14:00 PM  – 1 scoop of whey protein in water, 1 apple/banana/ handful of berries, 2 gram Omega 3, Multivitamins

03:00 PM  – Take 1 cap 500 mgs L-Carnitine, 1 cap Green Tea

04:00 PM  – WORKOUT!!!!!!

06:00 PM  – P0st-Workout Solid Meal, 500-600 calories worth of Protein and Carb with the ratio of 1:2

09:00 PM – Any form of Casein Protein (cottage cheese, Powder, etc..)

Calories will fall around the range of 1100 to 1300

Girls will take in between 10-12 kcal/lb (20-22 kcal/kg) of lean body mass.

Day 7

WORKOUT First!!!!!!
Then Eat Whatever!! However!! You WANT!!


Can be carried out in any fashion but here’s an example, of which I find suitable for this program.

Day 1 – Pull day (Back, Biceps, Hamstrings, Abs) + 20 mins cardio

Day 2 – Push day (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Quads) + 20 mins cardio

Day 3 – Circuit Training

Day 4 – Rest

Day 5 – Pull day (Back, Biceps, Hamstrings, Abs) + 20 mins cardio

Day 6 – Push day (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Quads) + 20 mins cardio

Day 7 – Rest

Workout detailed plan will be posted soon, so be on the lookout!!

Beleive me!! You won't end up looking like this!

And girls always remember:

  1. Life is beautiful!! Sleep well!! And hydrate yourself
  2. This is a good plan so stick to it!!
  3. You can’t outrun a the 7th day so take it easy!!
  4. Trust your mirror, it’s about overall body composition after all, not the scale weight!!
  5. If your training program works, then stick to what works, until it stops working!!
  6. You ain’t a real girl, if you can’t count your daily calories!
  7. Working legs is essential for overall appearance!!
  8. Patience my friend, PATIENCE! Please have fun reaching your goals!!
  9. You might be awesome, but not everyone will think you are!! So Love yourself!! and respect others!!
  10. Something magical happens, when you use some diet program for the first time!