Eat Like a Man!! Look And Feel Like Your Manliest Version Ever!

Posted on August 5, 2012


First things first PEOPLE!! Let’s face it!! I’m not the most scientific guy you would ever meet!! nor the most informative!! But I try to stay in touch with the latest scientific methods and strength/muscle of whatever you want to call it!! I look for answers in correlation to real life time situation!! PERIOOOOOOD. Lately I decided to be one hell of a guy, where I post something terrific in my dictionary at least, and no one would really benefit from it!! Oh well, we’re living in a world where everything happens but nothing gets done.

Back to our topic!

Yes I said it “Eat Like a Man!! Look And Feel Like Your Manliest Version Ever!”!! and unlike so many fitness enthusiasts, I eat meat!! I indulge on greasy bacon, butter fried mushrooms!! I eat my WHOLE eggs like a man!! I snack on fatty almonds and peanuts!! I enjoy my smokes!! I drink my water, and I totally stand against every hype from the whiners who claim that fat is your physique destroyer.

Youth Elixir!

And why do I do it?!


And only because!!

I want to decrease catabolic activity in the body, increase strength and endurance, stay in shape year round, increase energy and decrease mood swings, decrease fatty problem areas, and to stud myself up!! That’s why!!

And this is how I did IT!!!!!

You go ahead and try it out!! And never mention this ever again!!

“I never eat meat! I never take in fat! How can I be fat?” HOW ABSURD!

So currently I am following what is called a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) which is a muscle building and fat burning diet. And as far I know, this type of diet is developed as a response to drug use (gives similar results naturally).

The CKD does this by manipulating ones muscle building hormones, and the key here is eating the right combination of foods at the right time, not easy for most of the people, but it works wonders if done properly.
Benefits of the CKD

First I have to explain that the CKD is a high protein, high fat diet which involves carbs cycling, with these kind of results to expect:

Fat Loss: You force your body to use fat for energy by avoiding carbs for 5 days, your body stores less fat because you eat lots of fats. You’ll get rid of stubborn fat like love handles. 10% body fat year through is easy.

Muscle Gains: Key to the CKD is fatty red meat, this is rich in cholesterol and saturated fats which increase your testosterone levels. Testosterone is the muscle building hormone.

Improved Health: Lower cholesterol & triglyceride levels, less plaque build up, controlled insulin levels, less food allergies, less acne, … Do a blood test before starting the CKD and compare months later.

More Energy: Controlling your carb intake will make you wake up full of energy. You’ll never have blood sugar crashes or heaviness after eating again. Also less irritability & less mood swings.

No Hunger: Fat satiates and makes you feel full longer.
How the CKD Works:

The CKD works whatever your gender or age. And like any diet, it works best coupled with strength training. Here’s how your week looks like when you eat the CKD way:

Weekdays: Proteins, fats and veggies. Fatty red meat, fatty fish, whole eggs, full fat cheese, olive oil, mayonnaise, butter, spinach, broccoli,nuts, seeds ….

Weekends: Eat lots of carbs. Pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, oats, fruit, … And always remember to lower your protein and fat intake.

FYI: I went from 101 KGS (222 LBS) to 80 KGS (176) in 8 weeks! (With proper Crossfit training, on a real man’s diet)

Built like a tank?! NOT!!

Look MOM!! I lost it!!

Before you start whining and bitching!! I know!! Bloody time is something that we all share!! And whether you like it or not, we are all given the right amount of time!!
But unfortunately, getting oneself psyched up to take advantage of any given time isn’t a piece of cake!! This might be a the reason, why most of the people fail by just thinking of doing that!!

So when is your go time?!

I will be posting soon the the breakdown of nutrient macros typical for this diet.

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