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Excuse me! But you’d need to buy a new shirt!! Because it’s summer time!!

March 13, 2012


The great majority of people in the gym scene, probably 87.923% have started training because they wanted to get shredded!! The other 12.077% are, of course, hypocrites!! Even if  getting shredded isn’t an aspiring girl top priority!! I’m willing to bet it’s placed way up there!! It’s easy to say why getting shredded is so […]

This Gotta Be The Best Protein Shake Ever!!

February 11, 2012


1 Almond milk 3/4 cup unsweetened applesauce  1 tsp of cinnamon (measure to your own liking) 2 scoops of vanilla whey Ice

What’s The Only Constant In Everyone’s Diet?!

November 29, 2011


Cravings, Can wreak havoc on your DIET!! This is what I have been lately craving for! Damn it!! Randomness!!      

Table Tops, Conquered!!

November 17, 2011


You know what the greatest thing about a vacation is? There’s always an excuse to sabotage ones diet every time a good burger, a slice of pizza, a big chunk of cake, or a good shake come along. My wonderful and hilarious friends Hamad and Osama  just taught me that there’s more into life than […]

Post Workout Treat

August 23, 2011


As stupid as god intended.. But hey I loved it, along with a protein shake on the side..

Current Addictions!!

August 9, 2011


Vanilla Custard!! Peanut Butter Sauce!! Short bread cookie!! Malt DUST!!!! Ohh!! Boy, did I enjoy these sticks!! Normally I wouldn’t share any thought if a stick doesn’t show much complexity. But come on a person can’t deny its obvious aesthetic beauty!! immaculate construction, great deal of bitter sweet flavors, thick syrupy molasses!! Yummzzzz!! Country: Dominican […]

Amazing 5!!

August 6, 2011


I am always strict with my diet, so no shortcomings and pitfalls!! BUT!! I always have a minimum of 5% of whatever foods I am craving even if my sole goal is to lose fat,  I plan socializing or reward meals into my weekly plan with a 95/5 ratio. This is a permission to eat […]