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Eat Like a Man!! Look And Feel Like Your Manliest Version Ever!

August 5, 2012


First things first PEOPLE!! Let’s face it!! I’m not the most scientific guy you would ever meet!! nor the most informative!! But I try to stay in touch with the latest scientific methods and strength/muscle of whatever you want to call it!! I look for answers in correlation to real life time situation!! PERIOOOOOOD. Lately […]

Excuse me! But you’d need to buy a new shirt!! Because it’s summer time!!

March 13, 2012


The great majority of people in the gym scene, probably 87.923% have started training because they wanted to get shredded!! The other 12.077% are, of course, hypocrites!! Even if  getting shredded isn’t an aspiring girl top priority!! I’m willing to bet it’s placed way up there!! It’s easy to say why getting shredded is so […]

When Is Your Go Time?!

December 15, 2011


Bloody time is something that we all share!! And whether you like it or not, we are all given the right amount of time!! But unfortunately, getting oneself psyched up to take advantage of any given time isn’t a piece of cake!! This might be a the reason, why most of the people fail by […]

Business Trip!! Workout!!

December 5, 2011


Lousy Week I Assume?! It’s 5 am, and there’s always a reason enough to push me out of the bed!! a couple of hours before the sun rise!! I woke up in the morning, totally freaked out.. and had to take a moment to comprehend my being!! at a point I thought I was awake […]

Bet You Have Heard This Bullshit Before!!

November 28, 2011


bullshit exists whether you like it or not!! And somehow most meat-heads/sports enthusiasts sound pretty convincing repeating the same nonsense over and over again..  but not in my watch!! Not when am 100 % awake in my random mind. BS. Number 1: High Reps, Makes One Ripped! High Reps might increase muscular endurance, but I […]

Table Tops, Conquered!!

November 17, 2011


You know what the greatest thing about a vacation is? There’s always an excuse to sabotage ones diet every time a good burger, a slice of pizza, a big chunk of cake, or a good shake come along. My wonderful and hilarious friends Hamad and Osama  just taught me that there’s more into life than […]

Top Ten List “Feel Good Pattern”

October 15, 2011


Training Hard And Heavy!! Riding BIKES!! Shouting out loud!! Once a week!! will cut it for me!! Keeping my health in CHECK!! Booking for a bad ASS Vacation!! VEGAS!! I am coming to you!! Screw multitasking, Ever I started to single task!! I got things done better, and faster!! Show love to people!! Hmmm!! We […]