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5 Reasons Why Most People!! NEVER LOSE FAT!! Despite Their Commitment!!

September 25, 2011


Following a sissy low fat diet!! As most of people fear that fact that FAT makes them fat!! People get fat not because they are inefficient fat burners, not because they eat fat!! Following an extreme aerobic regimen!! Com’on, GUYS!! Humans are anaerobic creatures!! The extra 20 minutes on the treadmill won’t get you where […]

30 Minutes Before Bed!!

September 22, 2011


You single first?! Well, I am.. and I truly cant help myself to miss one of these rituals!! 30 minutes before tucking myself into bed for a restful night sleep.. I know that this makes me take control of some certain attributes in my life, get a good use of some silly 30 minutes and […]

Is OCD ruining my progress?

September 16, 2011


OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Or, when ones pursuit for perfection is never, NEVER good enough.. As I was writing the past few words up there, I stopped two minutes to think the following: Did I lock my car? Did I reply on my mothers text message?! I know this uncertainty will grow stronger as I […]

Dieters?! Few TIPS!! To help keeping you on TRACK!!

September 13, 2011


No matter who you are or what your goal is, I feel that setting some ground rules, will help you reach that goal faster!! Never shop or even go out on an empty stomach!! Yeah you heard me!! You should always EAT before going out to eat!! Crazy huh?! You’ll make better food choices, in […]

Damn life getting in the way of doing things!! or it just me??

September 3, 2011


Life got in the way, and kicked my ass during the holiday!!!! With all the delicious food it had to offer!! It all have made me feel like $#iT for the past three days!!! (Keep in mind that I have only cheated 3 times during Ramadhan, and no meal has exceeded 2,000 calories), so you […]

Randomness V.1!!

August 29, 2011


I know that so many people will disagree with me on this!! But I will say it anyways.. Dudes if you can ‘t see your freakin’ abs!! In my opinion you do less direct ab work, and spend more time doing cardiovascular activity and core exercises instead, as cardiovascular activities will give you the most […]

Fact No. 1!!

August 28, 2011


Girls are often much, much, ohhhh much stronger than they think… In the other hand guys usually tend to think the opposite!! So girls, push up the weights, and increase performance Guys, don’t sacrifice form for the sake of lifting a few more pounds